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“I believe the power of storytelling can change the dynamic of relationships. Stories trigger emotions, which fuel our need to relate with others. Give an audience a good story, on how your services can benefit and enrich their lives, and you have a lifetime worth of loyal support. Stories are truly the currency of our society.” -Steven Weirich

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On my journey, I have experienced and applied life lessons that I share with you through story. These stories relate to life, family, personal growth, and business to gain superior results in whatever it is you are looking to achieve. As the saying goes, “The longest journey that most people take is the eighteen inches between their heads and their hearts". Let’s consciously use a little more heart and dive into our souls through the art of personal stories. Subscribe to my monthly newsletter publication and let's start our journey together today.

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Sharing the stories of my client’s experiences, with me and my real estate services, is something I want you to experience. Buying or selling a home is a huge event in our lives. What better way to get to know me, as your realtor, than to hear what my clients have to say.

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Christopher Columbus’ Secret To Finding Hidden Treasure’s Applied to Real Estate

Clients’ Voyage, Results In $55,000 Extra… Meet The Clients: Tyler and Jennifer had just started their family. A happy healthy baby girl named Anna came into their lives. With the addition of Anna, the days of going out late in the city and going to dinner were coming to an […]

“The One Constant Is Change”

A Look Inside A Current Value Driven Approach To Sell Real Estate Project What is the one constant in life? Change… Don’t like what is going on with you, just wait and things will change. Are you on a great high and everything is going right for you? Then wait […]

True Differentiation: Is The Key To Selling Your Home.

How it impacts profit and dictates strategy when selling a home. I realize the image to the right may look a little Howard Hughes-ish, but there is a method to my madness. And this sketch, if you’re thinking of selling your home, may have a profound and direct impact on […]

“The Man in Black”

Johnny Cash Applied To Real Estate. Meet The Clients: Smart, disciplined, and highly capable. But even David and Lilin, knew that the possibility of selling their home for the amount needed to move to California, could be problematic. Raising their family, in the home of their dreams, had been nothing […]

“The $2.5 Million That Got Away…”

The investment principles I’ve learned, and applied, to achieve superior results for my real estate clients. Have you ever been at the wrong place at the wrong time? Be sure to avoid the next bird bomb dropping from the sky. Sh“IT” happened to me a few of weeks ago. On […]

A Kickstart, To His Heart… Saved My Grandfathers Life…

How my Grandfathers near death experience changed how I think about “today”. I think of Motley Crue’s song, Kick Start My Heart, every time I hear or think about this story. “Oh… Yea…!! Kick Start My Heart Give it a Start… Oh… Yea…!! Kickstart My Heart Hope It Never Stops… […]

No Brown M&M’s In The Bowl When Selling Your Home.

The infamous 1980’s rock bank ‘Van Halen’ didn’t allow brown M&M’s in the bowls back stage at their concerts. Why? Because details matter… I know what you’re thinking, looking at that picture above, what could that possible mean. M&M’s (WARNING: ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES) I don’t know about you… but I […]

“Are You Taking The Red or The Blue Pill When Selling Your Home?”

Like Neo In ‘The Matrix’ You Have A Choice When Selling Your Home… It’s a choice. Take the red pill to seek the truth and live with the reality that comes with it.  Or take the blue pill and live in a dream like state of mind. Believing whatever you […]

2500 Violet St. Glenview Property Story

Like New Hard-to-Find End Unit Townhome at The Cambridge by the Glen with a Single-Family Home Feel If you’ve been looking for a single-family home but were worried about all the maintenance and upkeep, look no further! Not only is the end unit a great find in itself, but it […]

It’s Like A Bolt Of Lightning Struck Me…

The clock strikes 4am, it’s time to wake up. The biggest day of our lives is about to take place. Making the walk into the delivery room my wife Jenn and I have a sense of anticipation we have never experienced before. Our nerves, cannot be described.  I can’t begin […]

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