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No Brown M&M’s In The Bowl When Selling Your Home.

The infamous 1980’s rock bank ‘Van Halen’ didn’t allow brown M&M’s in the bowls back stage at their concerts. Why? Because details matter… I know what you’re thinking, looking at that picture above, what could that possible mean. M&M’s (WARNING: ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES) I don’t know about you… but I […]

“Are You Taking The Red or The Blue Pill When Selling Your Home?”

Like Neo In ‘The Matrix’ You Have A Choice When Selling Your Home… It’s a choice. Take the red pill to seek the truth and live with the reality that comes with it.  Or take the blue pill and live in a dream like state of mind. Believing whatever you […]

2500 Violet St. Glenview Property Story

Like New Hard-to-Find End Unit Townhome at The Cambridge by the Glen with a Single-Family Home Feel If you’ve been looking for a single-family home but were worried about all the maintenance and upkeep, look no further! Not only is the end unit a great find in itself, but it […]

It’s Like A Bolt Of Lightning Struck Me…

The clock strikes 4am, it’s time to wake up. The biggest day of our lives is about to take place. Making the walk into the delivery room my wife Jenn and I have a sense of anticipation we have never experienced before. Our nerves, cannot be described.  I can’t begin […]

Hit It Pure When Selling Your Home.

Achieving Superior Results, When Selling Your Home, Is Like Hitting The Perfect Golf Shot. It Takes Execution And The Right Approach. I’ve given a lot of thought to how special our time is with our friends and family. After my brothers tragic car accident, that took his life in 1998, […]

Learn The Principles Marcus Lemonis Uses of ‘The Profit’ To Turn Your Home Sale Into A Profitable Venture.

Treating The Sale Of Your Home Like A Business/Investor Can Produce Big Returns. It’s that time of year again. It’s time to start binge watching T.V. shows. Now that the holidays are over, and there are no more parties or dinners to go to, we need something to occupy our […]

Buying Your First Home Is Like Grandma Mary Meeting Her Grandson For The First Time

In the days leading up to Mary’s arrival we could hear the excitement, nervousness and utter joy in the tone of her voice. 34 years of parenting her twin daughters has come down to this much anticipated day. These past three months we’ve been using FaceTime calls, pictures and daily […]

812 N. Coolidge Ave. Palatine Townhome For Sale

Enjoy Summer Nights Out in Your Backyard with this Perfectly Located End-Unit Townhome Do you like the idea of living in a townhome but worry that you would miss out on space or having your own backyard? Your worries are over! At 812 N. Coolidge Avenue, you can enjoy townhome […]

No Rabbit Ears Here…

HD Quality Matters When Selling your Home. Walking up the tunnel, on the first base side, filled with anticipation. Anxious, excited, nervous, the emotions are endless. The first thing I see, standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up, is the clear blue sky. When I reach the top […]

Why The World Of Virtual Reality Staging Sucks In Real Estate!

There’s nothing quite like Touching, Feeling, Smelling, Loving, and the pursuit of Survival. This is what makes life REAL. These human feelings/instincts/emotions, we possess, are what makes are species great! No matter how hard companies try to turn technology into a virtual reality world, it will never be the same. […]

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