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My Story

Hi, I’m Steven Weirich,

I’m a writer/story teller, podcast host, entrepreneur, and an innovator in the real estate industry. It wasn’t an easy road to get here. But none the less, I made it.

In 2013 I hit rock bottom. After a long night of drinking to excess, a panic attack shook my foundation. Having never endured a panic attack, I felt helpless. My heart was beating out of my chest, at what seemed like a 100mph. When I took my first shaky steps that next morning to the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror. What I saw was a lost individual. With my glassy, blood shot eyes staring back at me, I knew my life had gotten away from me. Having accomplished great things in my past, I allowed one failure to derail my path. After that morning of hell, I vowed to turn my life around. To set forth on a journey filled with love and Impact.

Where it all began…

At the age of 19, I left college to chase my dream of becoming a trader in the chaotic bond pits at the Chicago Board of Trade. Upon completing a four-year apprenticeship, where I became the head clerk for a brokerage group, I attained my trading seat. By 23, against the advice of loved ones, I put it all on the line to chase my dream.

In March of 1999, for the first time as a trader, I walked into what I called, “The Octagon of Controlled Chaos”, AKA the 30-Year Treasury Bond pit. I was scared. Actually, I was petrified. I could feel all 700 middle aged, horse-voiced, men staring at me. “You won’t last long kid. You may have been a good clerk but that means nothing now,” the grizzly faced man in my section proclaimed. Their intimidation tactics didn’t work. Over the next few years I went on to become a successful bond trader. I lived my dream… In what some people call the most stressful work environment in the world.

My dream became my worst nightmare…

By 2005 the advent of electronic trading had destroyed the 150-year-old open outcry system of buying and selling futures contracts. Computers were taking over. I was at a cross road in my life. I knew one thing and one thing only, how to trade in the pit. Unprepared and lacking the skills to become a successful computer trader, I opened a trading account. I thought my experiences from the floor would translate. I was wrong. Within six months I had lost everything.

My money.

My confidence.

More importantly, I lost those traits that propelled me to the success I worked so hard to attain.

My next six years were filled with excess amounts of drinking and partying on weekends. I held a job just to pay bills and pass the time until Friday.

Then, on that spring morning in 2013, my life forever changed.

I made a vow to get back to the person I once was. Driven. Disciplined. Focused. All the characteristics I once possessed. I knew I had too much good to offer this world. I couldn’t let it waste away. I felt this overwhelming need to impact the lives of others in a positive way. This epiphany is what inspired me to obtain my real estate license in the summer of 2013.

My Life Today

Since my life altering moment, life has gone to a place I never thought possible. I got married in 2016 to my beautiful wife and best friend, Jennifer. Soon thereafter, in 2017, the birth of our son Wynston filled our hearts more love than we thought possible. If there is an apex in our journey, the birth of our children is at the top. The first time I held Wynston, at the hospital, an overwhelming chill ran through my body. A chill that instinctually told me it is my responsibility to protect my family from this day forward.

The birth of my son guided me to a reflection point. I know it’s cliché to say the greatest moment in our life is when our children our born. There is no doubt how big the moment is. However, I believe the greatest day, if we’re lucky enough to experience it, is the day we realize why we were put on this earth. I hope everyone gets to live that day of enlightenment because it changes who we are and gives us our WHY.

Becoming a storyteller has changed my life. More importantly it has changed my relationships with everyone in my life. Writing has been my therapy. Writing resurrected me, giving me a purpose. A purpose that is driven on making an Impact on my family, clients, and the community. As my real estate business continues to grow, protecting my clients with their biggest investment, their home, is my WHY. With more WHY in my life, the more fuel I have to make a greater Impact on the community in the years to come.

Come join me on this journey starting today. I promise it will be filled with Impactful stories that will strengthen our minds, bodies, personal and business lives.

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